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(no subject) [Oct. 4th, 2003|03:06 pm]
I got a new lj.
It's Abicans
Sooo add me
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Ummm not cool [Oct. 4th, 2003|02:24 pm]
Someone fucked with my lj and now it sucks. Sara Blake would you be willing to try and fix it?
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Oh Happy Day!!! [Sep. 24th, 2003|05:25 pm]
Well this day has kinda sucked and my boyfriend is kinda mean but I guess its okay because I'm goign to go drive soon and I like them crazy cheap thrills...
Umm I'm getting a 79 in Geometry and that's gay and I have a 98 in Spanish and I'm probably goign to go talk to her tomorrow because she messed up...
I dont know about anything else.. I have a B in Glob, and an A in everything else.
My mom is getting a new car... it's a yello Focus... something. But it's pretty and I get to drive it and its all that matters
Carly Pratt
May I stay with you on Friday and Saturday.. thanks! :)
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Its kinda all sexual so don't read it if you dont want to know [Sep. 22nd, 2003|07:57 pm]
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I MADE THIS!! PLEASE TAKE IT! [Sep. 22nd, 2003|07:50 pm]
***Good, Better, Best, never let is rest until your good is better and your better is best... You May Begin.
*How are you feeling?
*Do you think anyone besides you cares?
*Do I care?
*What about your mom, does your mom care?
*What did your parents name you?
*Do you wish they didn't?
*How low can you go?
*Can you go down low?
*Who's you're favorite friend?
*Is it because you feel bad for them?
*Or are you afraid that if you don't put them they'll be mad?
*Do you want me to choke?
*Are you a "punk"?
*Are you a "thug"?
*Do you know you're wrong?
*What's your favorite way to lay in bed?
*How many notches are in your bed post?
*Did you know that "You da man, coach"?
*Do you think I'm funny?
*Are you and lj-freak?
*What about ICQ, hooked to that, too?
*Do you know anyone named Becky?
*Do you like her?
*What is your locker number?
*Do you keep a lock on it?
*What is your lj password?
*Tell me your funniest joke.
*Does your school football team or favorite football team ever win?
*Mine doesn't, it depresses me. Okay?
*Sometimes I wish people would choke, is that normal?
*What should I do about it?
*Do you go crazy when you hear a noise that resembles your alarm clock?
*Is Becky talking to you?
*What about your mom?
*What is your dream car?
*Will you ever get it?
*How long did/will you have your liscense before they're suspended?
*Is this survey better than a warm blanket on a hot day?
*HAHA! What about a cold day?
*Are you waiting for someone to call you?
*Is it your boyfriend/girlfriend?
*How funky is your chicken?
*Speaking of chicken... WANT MY CHICKEN?
*What about me? Do want me?
*I didn't figure. Who do you want?
*What do you want them for?
*WOAH! Why'd you tell me that?
*Well I'm done with you now, you're weird. Are you sad I'm leaving?
*Want to meet with me again?
*Will you call me?
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Carface made this survey..! IM FUNNY [Sep. 22nd, 2003|07:18 pm]
last name first, first name last, comma inbetween-
Diehl, Abby
who is your best friend? Carly Pratt and sometimes Sara Blake
who do you like? I like you
who is your mom? Carla Sue Bromer
who owns your house? Curt?
who bought you the clothes your wearing? Curt
who is at your house? BAiley, Riley, me, mom, Curt
who loves you? EVERYONE
who said hey to you today? A few people?
who are you talking to right now? Carly and Ryan
who was your ex-boy/girlfriend? Jordan Green?

what townie do you live in? Senecaville
what are your pet peeves? Everything imaginable
what are you wearing? boxers and a zipup hoodie
what do your teeth look like? yeller and big
what are you doing in an hour? hahaha! Ummm.. watching tv?
what is your middle name? Marie
what is your deepest secret? If I told you it wouldn't be a secret
what are you doing tomorrow? Going to school
what is your boy/girlfriends middle name? William Martin
what is in this for you? The publicity
what is your favorite thing to do? Eat
what are you sitting on? haha! I thought that said who! hahaha! Umm a chair

where are you at right now? The office in my house
where were you at at 12 noon today? School.. i didnt do it officer, i swear
where is your toothbrush at? One is on my dresser and the other is in my shower thing.
where do you sleep? In my bed
where do you live? In senecaville, duhhh!
where were you at at 7pm yesterday? I was... at home.
where is your boy/girl friend? John William Martin Christie
where are your parents? On the porch
where did you put your bookbag? I dont have one! AHHH
where do you keep your socks? Top drawer

when was your first kiss? Umm last year sometime
when are you getting a job? March
when did you graduate? I haven't
when will you grow up? NEVA!!!
when are you going to call your friend? I can't call you, you gotta call me.
when did you get home last night? 4:30
when are you going to stop taking surveys? When its over
when was the last time you had a fruit smoothie? Never :(
when will you say that you love me? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
when are you getting married? Tomorrow. RSVP

why are you taking this? Carly Pratt told me to
why do fools fall in love? We are smart
why am i weird? You have no life
why are you weird? I, as well, have no life
why are you wearing what your wearing right now? I'm fat
why did you fail that test? I didnt!
why dont you have friends? They dont have a life
why did you just do that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didnt mean to
why cant you get a boy/girl friend? I can, nutso.
why do you live where your at? My mom moved here to live closer to me

how did you know it was love? He was cute
how do you fix your hair? I dont, it's hopeless
how are the kids? Theyre okay... but full
how many hours do you spend on the computer? 1?
how many TV shows do you watch? 4
how did you find this survey? Carly Pratt
how do you like it so far? I love it!!!!!
how many people are living with you? 5
how may i help you? Yea, uhhhh... I'd like a soft taco kids meal.. with a Mountain dew and he'd like a number 3 with a pepsi. How much? Okay, thanks.
how do you make sharpies? With a sharpie maker
how many sharpies do you own? 0
how often do you say i love you? At least 100 times a day because I LOVE YOU!
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Hm Hm Hm [Sep. 18th, 2003|07:24 pm]
Sooo I have to go to homecoming. I'm not as pised about it now as I was because I got a pretty dress. Thats' REALLY weird to hear me say! ANYWAY! It's from Maurices and it's black and outlined with pink and it's kinda in like a 50s fashion where it like goesout at the bottom.. but anyway at the bottom of the dress there are like flowers cut our and theres a pink slip thing underneath. I like it a lot so if you have it take it back.
Hmm... My mom wants me to get my hair done... I dont reallyt want to go still.. I wish I could find someone REAL pretty to wear my dress.
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Welp Welp Welp! [Sep. 14th, 2003|01:19 pm]
I just got home from Columbus. I had bunches of fun! We went up Friday and ate bunches of Wallys... then we went to Old Navy and Tiff bought me a shirt and then we went to Target... then went to Tiffs and went to sleep.
Saturday... we got up and watched to Ohio State game which made me laugh because those ref's sucked but luckily it was to our benefit. Then we went to a wedding and Courtney Milton was there... and that was crazy. We left the wedding around... 8 or 9 probably then went and got food and went to Nates house for a while then we went back to Tiffs and we went to sleeep.
Today I woke up and we left about 1030 and we stopped at Taco Bell where the trash cans say "Thank You" and I liked it. There was this little girl there who talked to me a lot and she was really cute.
Now I'm home and I'm contemplating asking my mom if I can go to the derby later. Id on know if she'll let me an dI really don't want to spend anymore money sooo I dont know.
I'm going to go beg if I can drive!
Baby, baby, I get down on my knees for you
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YIPPYYY!!!!!!!! [Sep. 12th, 2003|01:09 pm]
I got my permit!!!!! Woop Woop!!!!!!
You da Man, Coach!
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Carcoons, carcoons, carcooooonnnnsss!!! [Sep. 11th, 2003|12:52 pm]
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |Days of Our Lives]

Welp, I'm not at school today. I was supposed to get my permit today but we can't find my social security card or my birth certificate so we didnt get it and I was angry so I didn't go to school. The good news is I went to Wal-Mart and got a free umbrella!! That was soo freaking awesome to me. White trash like me like to get free stuff hahahaha!
Hmmm... Ive gone to the fair Tuesday and Wednesday with John and we hung out with Ray who is super nice. Tonight I'm supposed to go with Car but she's at school and I'mnot sure if I can go because I might not ahve money so we'll see? Car, call me if I havent talked to you before you read this.
Tomorrow I was going to go to the fair then to the game but I'm way too po' fo' that. So I think we're going to go to Cleveland earlier than we were intending on going, but thats okay because I like Tiff and even though Cleveland scares me to death I like it. I got an Ohio State sweat shirt at wal mart today. It jsut looked oh so comfy, I had to get it.
Agghh@ Good story! Anyone who knows Curt knows he's a big guy, right? (Not being cruel)! So we went to Wal Mart, ya know, and mom got him a Steelers sweat shirt. So we come home and mom had him put it on and so he put it on and it was like REALLY tight on him like REALLY tight, right? So we're like WHAT THE HELL this si the size he wore before he lost all that weight. So a few minutes later we figured out he had my sweat shirt on! hahahahahahahahaha! IT was so funny, I laughed for a long long long long long time! AHHHH!

Okayyy... well Ijust dont know what else? Im going to go eat lunch.
I'm out like shout! haha!
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